Thursday, October 25, 2012

Zoey Lou at 15 months

Purely so I don't forget at some later date.  Because she is my third child.  And I don't document her AMAZING milestones as much as my other two children.

At 15 months, Zoey Lou...

is a whopping 18 lbs. 1 oz (2%)  I think she may be shrinking.
is about 27" long (2%)
and still carries a huge noggin (72%)
she says many words (mama, dada, nana, decter (Dexter), kaka, papa, baba (bottle), pu-pa (puppy), hi, ba-bye, and most importantly-go cougas (Go Cougars!))
squeals and shrieks when she wants something (epecially a drink)
loves drinking out of a big girl cup
learning how to walk (will take 2-3 steps by herself)
climbs up and down stairs
does pat-a-cake
laughs like nobody's business for her daddy and sister
smiles all the time
gives kisses and loves
loves pointing to pictures in books
shakes her boot-ay to good music
snuggles with her blankie
and is a complete joy to be around.

I love her.  Immensely.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Little Miss Blue Eyes

I captured these photos the other day and was amazed at these little girl's eyes. Stunning.

I love her.

Friday, April 20, 2012

My kiddos

Today I took my Baby Z to the doctor for her nine month checkup. (I can't believe she's actually nine months old!) She's a whopping 14 lbs 13 oz (2%), stretches to 26 in long (8%), and don't worry, has a head that's 17.75 in round (81%). Can you believe that? This little itty, bitty thing with a huge noggin! Zoey's going to have a head the size of her brother, but look just like her sister. A Dexana. I just giggled to myself when I saw her stats.

She also happened to have a double ear infection. Her little eardrums were flaming red and swollen, and I never even knew. (And it's not because I'm a bad mom, she's just been her pleasant, cheerful, super smiley self.)

Zoey still refuses to move. She tolerates her tummy, and rolls every once in awhile, but usually just twists her body awkwardly to rest her huge head on the ground. She loves to sit and watch the world unfold around her, but has no interest whatsoever in moving. She babbles often, squeals like a fire truck, clicks her tongue, and says dadadada. She wiggles when she's excited, and tilts her head to the side when she's super into what you're doing. She smiles at everyone and anyone, and loves music. Anytime there's music on, or Sam's whistling, or Savy's singing her made-up songs, Zoey Lou wiggles to the beat. And when she's super excited, she kicks her feet like crazy, pumps her arms up and down, and grins. There's not a thing I've found she doesn't like to eat, and her coos in the morning are one of the best things to wake up to in the world. I love my little Zoey Lou.

And I love my little Dexter. He's fiercely independent, and incredibly stubborn, but he has the sweetest little heart. Anytime he gets a snack out for himself, he always grabs one for "Sana." I can't do anything around the house without him right beside me wanting to help out. He tries my patience like nothing else, and some days I want to toss him in his bedroom till his daddy comes home, but he's teaching me to be a much more patient mother.

And sweet, little, Savana. She's growing up way too fast. I don't really know how to put into words who she is. She's so much more than words. Come spend a day with her and you can discover who she is. I love her.

I love them all something fierce.

And did you know, we're moving back to Salt Lake?

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Zoey Lou

Let me tell you about this little angel. She didn't start out as an angel. But by her seven month birthday, she's proved she can officially be called an angel.

She's a petite little thing (except for her head), and at seven months is still hovering right around 14 pounds. She's not interested in moving whatsoever. When placed on her belly, she's content for a minute or two, and then squeals and squawks and screams and flails until we flip her over. She figured out the whole rolling thing a month or two ago, but refuses to do it now. She's just barely getting the hang of sitting up on her own, but certainly enjoys the view from that vantage point.

Zoey gives more smiles than cries, and entertains people with her wide open smiles and her signature wiggle dance. She will give anyone a smile as long as mom (or someone familiar) is in her sights.

Zoey loves to be held, but she can also entertain herself fairly well with Ducky McYellow and her other fabulous stuffed friends.

She likes bouncing in her Johnny Jumper and chilling in her bumbo. She adores watching Savy and Dex giggle and play, and wiggles her body in anticipation of the day she can join in their play.

She loves bathtime, and has since she was a wee one. Zoey recently switched to sitting up in the tub and loves splashing around with her big sister and big brother. She's not a fan of getting dressed and protests when things are put over her head, but she puts up with all the cute headbands and bows mom puts on her head (even when they fall down over her eyes).

Zoey used to be a fantastic sleeper and fabulous napper, but she's beginning to throw some serious fits after only sleeping for 45 minutes. She still only sleeps for a five to six hour stretch at night and throws the biggest fit if I try to trick her with the
binkie instead of what she really wants.

She loves to eat, and loves to eat baby food and table food. She intently watches me when I eat, hoping for a chance to try what I'm eating. I've yet to find something she doesn't like.

And like any baby at this age, she puts everything in her mouth.

Zoey Lou is one beautiful baby I simply can't get enough of. She caught the flu last week, which was awful, but I secretly enjoyed the chance I had to snuggle with her for hours on end. She's already growing up too fast and I wish she'd stop.

I sure love you, Zoey Lou.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Seeing Santa

I know...Christmas posts still? Actually...pre-Chrismtas posts still? Well...these are memories I want to remember. And since I don't have the drive to go do the gazillion things I should be doing, I'm going to take a break and blog about two month old pictures!

River Heights has this Christmas Tree Lighting tradition, and each year we gather outside in below freezing temperatures to sing a couple of off-key Christmas songs, turn on the lights on the Christmas Tree, and visit with Santa. It's one of those things that's always a bit crazy, and kids always end up crying because they're freezing cold, but we have to do it because who doesn't want to see Santa? And plus, it happens right across the street from us. One of the perks of living across from a freaking awesome park!

This year, I had to do it with three kids, and no hubby. Sam was off teaching, so I bundled up the three kids, threw them in the stroller with a ton of blankets, and traveled across the street. Luckily, my friend was there with her three kids and no hubby, so we could chill together. AND one of my fabulous young woman kept track of one of my kids the whole time, so it went over pretty well. started out pretty well.

We commenced to sing our songs, watch the tree light up, and headed over to wait in line for Santa. Savy was glad her friend Lydia was there to keep her entertained. These two can be serious goofballs when they're together. They're also lucky enough to be in nursery AND preschool together. (Their poor teacher!)

Savana was actually excited to sit on Santa's lap this year, no tears and no hesitation. She knew exactly what she was going to ask him for Christmas...a dollhouse for her Barbies. Santa was a good listener, because that's exactly what he brought.

Zoey thought Santa was totally awesome (can't you tell by her facial expression), and she whispered in his ear that all she wanted for Christmas was world peace....
and her mom to get spoiled.

And this kid? Well...he refused to keep his gloves on. Consequently, he slipped and fell in the snow, catching himself with his bare hands, and began screaming because his hands were cold. (Yeah, that's why mom told you to keep your gloves on!)
He then had no desire to see Santa, eat donuts, or drink the scalding-hot hot chocolate. He just wanted to get his hands warm, which was impossible to do outside, so I loaded up the kids again, bundled them up, and hurried across the park to our nice warm home
(spilling hot chocolate all over our stroller and listening to both Zoey and Dexter protest against the frigid cold weather at the top of their lungs).

And the angel of a young woman who helped me stay partially sane that evening. My kids absolutely adore her, and I completely admire her for her patience and kindness. Without her, I may have ditched out even earlier.

Although it was a slightly chaotic evening, we got one thing checked off our
list of Christmas to-dos. And all for free!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Christmas 2011

We debated about what to do for Christmas. Should we stay home and enjoy a nice quiet Christmas with our family, or should we pack up the car and enjoy a crazy Christmas with our extended family? Well, Christmas is supposed to be crazy, right? So we loaded up the cars and headed down south.

Festivities started off out in Tooele Thursday night for our annual Park Family Christmas bowling party at the army depot. There is always the best turnout at these things, and I see cousins I haven't seen in years. We gorged ourselves on pizza and yummy food and enjoyed some great bowling. I'm pretty sure I beat everyone in my family...again! Although I had to leave Sammy home to work, the kids and I had a great time.

Christmas Eve we headed to Sam's Aunt's house for the annual Whittaker Family Christmas Eve Extravaganza. We ate more food, enjoyed more good company, and watched the kids act out the Nativity story. So cute! Santa dropped off some toys for the kids (stuffed animals for Zoey and Savy, and a soccer ball for Dex) and then we headed to my parent's house to set out cookies and stockings for Santa...and then it was off to bed!

Christmas morning finally rolled around, (I had to wake the kids up after getting woken up by a text from my super excited 22 year-old sister), and we were ready to check out the goods Santa left behind!

Traditional family picture on the stairs. Oh, I love my kiddos in Christmas jammies! And it was so fun to have matching jammies this year! And I must say, Santa totally scored this year. He did a fantastic job at gift-giving!

Dex got spoiled with a geotrax train, big boy underwear,
and a marble set to share with his older sister.

Savy was lucky enough to get a dollhouse for her barbies.
(I love this picture of her quietly taking in her present!)

Sam and I did pretty well at gift-giving this year, too. Both kids received a bike from us. A red balance bike for Dex (with a bike helmet too small for his giant head), and a pink princess bike complete with a bell and a carseat for her dollies (or baby Zoey!) to sit in for Savy.

Santa brought me a new comforter for my bed, a gift certificate to treat myself to delicious cupcakes, and a water softener to soothe my dry skin!

Sammy was a good boy and got a beard trimmer (yoo-hoo!)
and equally exciting gloves and ice scraper!
(oh, and an iPad for his birthday)

My cute mother was excited to show off her new washer and dryer
(and check out those new jeans she's pulling out!)

Brynn showing off her goods (I can't remember what the DVD's are she got...something nerdy like Civil War Showdown) and her super warm snow boots.

Mal and her adorable new haircut proudly showing off her new laptop backpack, her warm, fuzzy boots, and her challenging 100 piece Fancy Nancy puzzle.

My dad taking full advantage of the super comfy recliner Santa left behind.
(Funny thing: he sat down on the chair to watch us enjoy our Santa gifts, and after sitting on it for like 10 minutes, he finally noticed it wasn't the old-rickety glider and it was in fact an awesome recliner!)

And lastly, Zoey Lou enjoying (kind of) the bouncer Santa left behind for her.

We opened more presents, rushed off to church (it was quite nice to attend church on Christmas morning), and then (almost) all my sisters came over with their families to enjoy my mom's fattening Christmas breakfast. We opened more presents, played games, watched some movies, and thoroughly enjoyed our presents and our Christmas day.

The next day, we headed over to Sam's parent's house for a delicious Christmas dinner, and more presents for the kids!

(I love this face! So excited to finally have a baby carrier...she won't have to use a purse anymore!)

All in all...I think it was the best Christmas we've had so far! Thank you for all who made it so special!

Christmas Dance Review 2011

One of the things I was most excited about having Savy participate in is DANCE. (I wish I could dance...and dance well.) She's always grooving to the music and shaking her boot-ay in the cutest ways, and she absolutely LOVES to dance (almost as much as she likes playing princesses with her daddy)! Savy's costume arrived just before her Christmas Dance Review, so she was super excited to don her sparkly white outfit, throw a little blush and lipstick on, and add sparkles to her hair.

And like the biased parents we were, Sam and I thought she was the best dancer out there. Hands down! Watch out SYTYCD 2025. This little dancing diva may just be ready to blow you away! (And I do have video of her dancing...I just don't want to figure out how to post it) Wait...I just did! she is dancing to Suzy Snowflake!


Miss Savana Paige...we are so proud of you!

And while we were watching Savana dance, a cute little old lady came up to Zoey and handed her a dollar bill! She said she always keeps a nice crisp dollar bill ready to hand out to darling little babies. I want to be like her when I grow up. Thanks cute old lady!